What We Do?

we work to provide timely and meaningful support to needy children, women & Senior Citizens by effectively implementing projects in the area of Health, Education and Nutrition, which have a sustainable, cost effective and positive impact on society & Environment.
Giving wings to the hopes and aspirations of underprivileged and empowering them to a better tomorrow.
We have been working successfully for the past thirteen years in and around the regions of Thane and Mumbai in the fields of Education, Nutrition, Health, Wellness and Welfare, focusing towards the betterment of children, women and senior citizens.


Welfare projects for the public at large are planned and executed as per the demands of the situation. Projects like free Clothes/ Blankets/Bedsheets distribution to the needy free of cost; Stationary for the underprivileged children, Flood relief efforts etc. are regularly undertaken. Covid-19 relief in the form of Medical Equipment’s, PPE Kits, Hand Gloves, Hand Sanitisers, Disinfectant Sprays, IR Thermal Scanners etc. has benefitted a large number of frontline warriors – Medical personnel, Sanitation workers, Police, RAF etc.; as well as the underprivileged community especially food and nutrition for – migrants, pregnant women and children


Education, personality development and soft skills training for young underprivileged children has been our core competence since 2021. MAA VASUPRADA actively supports educational programs for underprivileged children in various Community Centre, Schools and Children’s Homes. Some of our ongoing projects/events include Computer Education through its State of the Art Technology Centres, We also impart computer education to Senior Citizens and Women. Underprivileged women enhance their skills through tailoring, paper bag making and personality development classes .

Health, Nutrition, Wellness

Health, Nutrition and Wellness go hand in hand with Education. MAA VASUPRADA support in run well-equipped Health Centre for the semi-urban community providing Specialist Consultations and Dental services at various Community Centre. MAA VASUPRADA also conducts regular Health, Wellness and awareness camps for children, women and senior citizens. Nutritious snacks/rations are periodically provided for Children, Pregnant Women and Senior Citizens as well as Cancer Patients.


Environment is a very important portfolio for us. Creating awareness for environment conservation and saving water are some of the areas of our interest. We are supporting rainwater harvesting, waste water recycling projects . Tree plantation drives are regularly conducted. We also conduct environmental educational/awareness programs with field visits for the underprivileged children

Focus Area

Maa vasuprada welfare foundation believes that education is the first step to independence. Our programmes are created to increase knowledge on subjects within and beyond classrooms. Maa vasuprada welfare foundation actively supports Educational Programs for underprivileged children in Schools and Children’s Homes. Some of our successful flagship projects include Maa vasuprada welfare foundation . Maa vasuprada welfare foundation Computer Education through its State of the Art Technology Centre and Maa vasuprada welfare foundation Day Care Centre – to name a few. Soft skills training for young children has been our core competence since. We also impart computer education to Senior Citizens and Women.
Along with contributions in terms of books and stationery, we have also managed to raise funds to support primary and secondary level education for many of these less privileged children.

The highlight of Maa vasuprada welfare foundation ’s accomplishments in the field of education. This themed event is conducted annually. Its speakers are professionals from different streams of knowledge who interact with children through activities and interactive sessions. It aims at imparting life-skills to build confidence among the children to strengthen their self-belief with role plays etc
Library service is available at Saksham and a variety of books ranging from novels to educational books are stacked up.

How Are We Helping

Over the years we’ve imparted education by various means. Not only the enrolled participants have been benefited but we’ve also given opportunities to our volunteers to teach and make an everlasting impact on their students’ lives.
Young or Old, we’ve truly believed that learning seeks no age limit and we’ve organised 100+ (rough figure) programs for participants of varied age groups.

Health & Nutrition

Health and nutrition stands an important pillar of Maa vasuprada welfare foundation . We aim to provide our services in healthcare and we have been doing it right from the inception with an undying spirit. With regular health-checkup camps we ensure that nobody is deprived of the basic health care necessities. Assurance of good-health is done by provision of proper nutrition which we are continuously doing by means of mid-day meal programmes, provision of food packets, grains and other commodities. We strongly believe that good health comes with intake of good nutrition and we have wholesomely blended the two concepts rightly.

Special immunisation, awareness and health-checkup camps are organised for children, women and senior citizens. Eye checkup, dental checkup, Anaemia checkup, Cancer checkup and many more camps
Nutritional standards of children have been checked and if found faulty, the need for dietary modifications had been recommended.

Timely checkups and immunisation prevents early detection and prevention of fatal diseases and disorders. Over 8000+ patients have benefited from our programs in the last four years itself. The regular camps have led to a renewed approach towards one’s health among the women, senior citizens of both privileged and underprivileged backgrounds.
Connected to the upkeep of a family, a woman often neglects her own health for the sake of her loved ones. Keeping this in mind, team Maa vasuprada welfare foundation ’s activities for women revolve around inculcating in a woman, awareness about the need for her own upkeep and how it is beneficial to not just her but her entire family. Furthermore, from the year 2010, we have been organising regular mid-day meals for over 170 children at the institution, and we are proud that we have been able to bring about a significant positive difference in the health of these children.

Wellness and welfare

Maa vasuprada welfare foundation has been involved in Welfare of children/women welfare and community work right from its commencement. The motivation of the team, sponsors, volunteers and well-wishers to do something different and better, every day and every time, Maa vasuprada welfare foundation Welfare Foundation progress and prosper with each step taken. Everyone at Maa vasuprada welfare foundation comes up with new and innovative ways to give back to society, for the welfare of the needy which brings about the change in everyone’s life.

With our welfare programs we aim to cater to a larger public with donations of various commodities and providing other essential services. We continue to collect large quantities of clothes, grains and other materials at our Saksham Community Center and share it with other NGOs in and around the city. Organisation of Christmas day celebration, Women’s day celebration, Summer Camps and other activities provides much joy and pleasure to all the attendees.

Everyone gets something to take home to by being a Maa vasuprada welfare foundation ian. Be it a contributor, volunteer, sponsor or the participant, everyone feels content at the end of the activity/program conducted by Maa vasuprada welfare foundation .


Environment is a very important portfolio for us. Creating awareness for conservation of Environment, various projects have been undertaken to save water and plant trees.
Through small but significant steps, Maa vasuprada welfare foundation has been raising awareness about environment. Activities such as Eco tours, Rainwater Harvesting, Tree plantation, waste water recycling are conducted heartily by our team.

Creating awareness about the environment is a passion of all Maa vasuprada welfare foundation ians. We are here to make an impact and give back to mother Nature. With each effort, a change is reflected and that changed will be everlasting in nature. Environment as an entity feels our own and we own it up to it.

How are we helping

We are organising tree-plantation drives, awareness seminars, eco-tours and rainwater harvesting programs. Please find the information about the programs helds throughout different years.


Online Donation

We value your desire to contribute for the welfare of the society and thank you for your interest in our projects.


Donations by Cheque

You can also donate by Account payee cheque in the name of “Maa vasuprada welfare foundation ”.
Kindly mention your name, Address, Mobile No., Email Id and PAN No. on the back side of cheque along with a covering letter mentioning the purpose for donation to be used. Please post it to the communication address below:
For any queries on Donations please write to: , or visit
Donations are exempt u/s 80G of Income Tax

Donate Time and Skills

We welcome you to join us and donate your time and skills for the welfare of the community.
People with administrative, technology, social media, organizing, educational training, arts & crafts, science projects, health & nutrition-related, personality development, counseling or storytelling skills, etc., can help & impart their knowledge and services through Maa vasuprada welfare foundation.

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